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SQuirreL SQL Client

SQuirreL SQL Client is a graphical Java program that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc, see Getting Started and Introduction. The minimum version of Java supported is 1.6.x as of SQuirreL version 3.0. See the Old Versions page for versions of SQuirreL that will work with older versions of Java.

en mysql sql downloads utilerias el 20.02.11

Free Software Project Management HOWTO

This HOWTO is designed for people with experience in programming and some skills in managing a software project but who are new to the world of free software. This document is meant to act as a guide to the non-technical aspects of free software project management and was written to be a crash course in the people skills that aren't taught to commercial coders but that can make or break a free software project.

en tutorials el 10.02.11

chmod Tutorial

chmod Tutorial - This is a tutorial that teaches the UNIX ®/Linux ® chmod command. It presumes that you already know how to use the ls command to list the contents of a directory. The tutorial has been tested with Mozilla version 1.8 under Linux.

en Linux Chmod Tutorials el 04.02.11

Dangerously Fun

el 14.12.10

CSS3 Gradient Generator

en css3 el 13.12.10

Home – Last.fm

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en asdfasdf el 31.08.10


Radio en internet, gratis. Sólo en USA.

en musica radio mp3 gratis el 31.08.10

htaccess Editor

en Apache el 17.03.09

OAuth — An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from de

Esto es una prueba. Estoy probando. Hola, uno, dos, tres.

en php auth protocol el 05.01.09

PHP js

en php js programación el 05.11.08

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