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Free for developers (Free-For-Dev)

A place to find things about: Major Cloud Providers Source Code Repos APIs, Data and ML Artifact Repos Tools for Teams and Collaboration CMS Code Quality Code Search and Browsing CI and CD Testing Security and PKI Management System Messaging Log Management Translation Management Monitoring Crash and Exception Handling Search Email Font Forms CDN and Protection PaaS BaaS Web Hosting DNS IaaS DBaaS STUN, WebRTC, Web Socket Servers and Other Routers Issue Tracking and Project Management Storage and Media Processing Design and UI Data Visualization on Maps Package Build System IDE and Code Editing Analytics, Events and Statistics Visitor Session Recording International Mobile Number Verification API and SDK Payment and Billing Integration Docker Related Vagrant Related Dev Blogging Sites Commenting Platforms Screenshot APIs Browser based hardware emulation written in Javascript Miscellaneous Other Free Resources

en Major Cloud Providers Source Code Repos APIs, Data and ML Artifact Repos To el 25.02.21

Pattern Recognition, How to Find a Mark in an Image, Visual Basic source code

Discussion of comparing images, using image pattern recognition, sample code using the Victor Image Processing Library

en pattern recognition image library pixels VB source code programacion docume el 27.04.07

Google Code Search

Buscador de C├│digo

en google code el 05.10.06

Snipplr - Code 2.0

Snipplr is a public source code repository that lets your store and share all of your code snippets with other programmers and designers.

en programming code snippets repository organize share store source code html el 25.09.06

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