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How to install Eclipse 3.7 on Ubuntu 11.04

Installing manually o_O linux.

en linux el 29.02.12

chmod Tutorial

chmod Tutorial - This is a tutorial that teaches the UNIX ®/Linux ® chmod command. It presumes that you already know how to use the ls command to list the contents of a directory. The tutorial has been tested with Mozilla version 1.8 under Linux.

en Linux Chmod Tutorials el 04.02.11

Javascript/Ajax cheat sheets >> Scott Klarr

Computer, programming and technology related blog by Scott Klarr.

en news articles blog programming linux hardware software el 03.02.08

Tuning LAMP systems, Part 3: Tuning your MySQL server

Applications using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) architecture are constantly being developed and deployed. But often the server administrator has little control over the application itself because it's written by someone else. This series of three articles discusses many of the server configuration items that can make or break an application's performance. This third article, the last in the series, focuses on tuning the database layer for maximum efficiency.f

en LAMP Linux Apache MySQL PHP performance tuning Sean Walberg tttlca tttosca el 08.06.07

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